[ SAM'S BACKGROUND ] Page . . . For finding out a little more about Sam's varied background and specific skills and how he is currently using them.
[ THIS PAGE ] This is just a brief explanation of the rhyme and reason for these links. After all is said and done, they are personal choices of places to go for some interesting stuff.
[ SAM ON EBAY ] See what Sam may be selling on eBay. This is an area that Sam hopes to experiement with and just see what happens.
[ F-PROT ANTIVIRUS ] If you wonder whether your antivirus software is doing it's job, check this site out. If you want more onformation about Virus protection and how to be secure, call Sam at 650-787-7706
[ ROUND SOUND ] The Rundown on Good Sounds . . . Round Sound is the link to a good friend and neighbor's site. Mike Aydelott gives concise and pertinent reviews on selected music styles and artists. Check it out.
[ DRUDGE REPORT ] News & Sludge . . . Whether you are on the right or left, west or east coast, the page is in Black and White and gives one of the most no-nonsense, thorough, easy to see and navigate links to the day's news.
[ HONG & STASKO OPTOMETRY ] Hong & Stasko Optometry is a San Carlos professional corporation specializing in Vision Care. Dr. Kristina Stasko is Sam & Trisha's vision care Doctor as well as next door neighbor. Kristina and her husband Jim, and Thomas and Anna are also good friends.
[ GIBSON RESEARCH ] Internet Security . . . If you are interested in the security of your internet connection, when you have time this is the most invaluable mini course on internet security and what you can do to secure yourself that can be found anywhere - THIS IS A MUST!!!
[ ZONELABS ] Free Personal Firewall . . . If you are interested in downloading and installing a free personal firewall, this is the one. It is recommended by Steve Gibson at the above site. I would not have a PC on the internet without it!
[ A-STREET ] MSWindows Traps & News . . . A-STREET, a local ISP. If you are on the Peninsula and need dial-up internet access, this is good. If you are interested in the latest on Microsoft's operating system blunders and related gossip, take a look at this page. Besides, it is local to my town, San Carlos, California
[ GOOGLE ] For a Good Search . . . GOOGLE. Many Search engines out there, this is one of my favorites and a good one! Incorporates a lot of others in its search.
[ SAN CARLOS COMPUTERS ] A local computer store . . . A good friend owns this Computer Store in my home town. He has been a friend, fair and honest to me for the past ten years.
[ PIZZA! PIZZA! ] Sam's Home-made Pizza Recipe . . . Pizza . . . Grandpa Sam's home made pizza recipe. Try it, you'll like it!
[ END ] This is just a reminder that there are other things to do.

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